Hard Work is the Real Wealth of Man

Once upon a time, a farmer lived in a village with his wife and children. He used to work hard in the fields and feed his family. But all four of his children were lazy and used to roam around the same way in the village. One day the farmer told his wife what would happen to these boys after me. He never even worked hard. They have never seen the fields. The farmer fell very ill. He remained ill for a long time. He told his wife that he should call all four boys. His wife called all four boys and brought them. The farmer said that now I will not live longer. The farmer was worried about what would happen to his sons after his death.

He said, sons, whatever I have earned in my life is holding the treasure under my fields. After me, you take the treasure out of it and share it among yourself. The four boys were happy after hearing this.

After some time the farmer died. A few days after the death of the farmer, his boys went to the field to extract the buried treasure. They dug up the entire field from morning till evening. But he did not see any treasure.

The boys came home and said to their mother that father lied to them. We did not find any treasure in that farm. His mother said that your father has earned this house and farm in his life. But now that you have dug the field, then sow seeds in it.

After this, the boys sowed the seeds and gave them water according to the mother’s instructions. After some time, the crop is ready for ripening. The boys made a good profit by selling it. With whom he reached his mother. Mother said that your hard work is the real treasure, this is what your father wanted to explain to you. Read More…

Greed Can’t Be Fulfilled

You can fulfill someone’s need, but cannot fulfill his greed. Because needs have their limits, but greed is endless. When someone is tempted, it seems that he is standing at the end of life. It snatches one’s humility, his peace of mind and even hunger and thirst.

A greedy man does not recognize good and evil. He remains behind only to prove his selfishness. He can go to any extent that is beyond you and our mind. Where there is greed, there is a loss of faith. Greed is not only about money but greed for power, fame, hoarding, comparison, entitlement, excess spending, etc.

Greed is essential to control, because uncontrolled greed destroys the soul of humanity, ruining the entire society. The victory of greed over compassion can eventually lead to the downfall of our civilization. The root cause of greed is the thought of separating ourselves from others which defines what we need. Read More…

The Life of My Mother Was A Great Tenacity-1

My mother was born in economically and socially sound family at Village Dhosi, District Jhunjhunu of Rajasthan State. Their primary source of income was agriculture.

She had primary education at her village but it was discontinued to social curse on women education. She had contributed for household work as well as in agriculture.

Between her four brothers and one sister, she was the only unfortunate person who faced many crises in life after marriage, but with her hard work and determination, she had overcome all difficulties from our lives.

She never got rest in her life and when it came time to rest, she left this world. It seems that she was born to face difficulties. We could not get a chance to serve her. Read More…

Regrets of Life, I’d Have Done It This Way Instead

Humans get tired of crossing the third stage of life. His senses start answering. Gradually, he starts wearing tolerance.

His hands and feet begin to relax, physical strength starts to respond, at this time he feels the need for support. Along with physical strength, mental strength also declines.

His ears start to hear less, the taste of the tongue disappears. Nearby things either appear far away or blurry, and they are seen as their shadow.

Whenever you encounter God with true love and selfless spirit. May your wishes be fulfilled, why not something like this, which can be remembered by everyone with love? Read More…

Let Mistakes Be Your Tutor

Mistakes increases your experience and experiences decreases your mistakes. If you learn from your mistakes then others learn from your success.

When we don’t learn from our mistakes, we inflict unnecessary stress on ourselves and on others, and we have a risk of losing people’s confidence and trust in us.

We will not call a mistake which is done intentionally, the mistake done intentionally is an offence. Therefore, when you make a mistake, you can learn from it and fix it. It is better to bring your error out than hide it. Read More…

Change Your Fortune by Hard Work

Hard work is another name for not stopping from trying, but trying again and again until the goal is achieved. When your goal becomes clear to you, hard work becomes right.

If a person is poor, but a hard worker; He can change his fortunes by working hard and becoming rich. This applies not only to an individual, but also to countries.

On the contrary, afraid of hard work, lazy people sit down exhausted and curse their fate. It is a set of values focused on the importance of work and manifests with a strong desire to do work. Read More…

Last Day of My High School

“How could I forget that day?” It was 20 March 1985. We all gathered in our school hall.

This was our last day in high school. It was our school’s tradition to arrange a feast for outgoing students. All our mates were busy organising a tea party for us. Our exams were declared. The environment was a mixture of sorrow and joy.

One side, there was happiness to go to college but on the other sadness for farewell from school. Everyone was hugging and wishing each other for good luck

All had kept a silence when our headmaster entered in the hall. He gave us lots of advice and wished for a bright future ahead. The party concluded with tears in the eyes of everyone including some of our teachers. Read More…

Appearance can’t Define Your Beauty

You can make someone look very beautiful and impress others with your personality. But when you come to know that his character has flaws then his first impression disappears.

Due to his character, you may hate him. His personality that used to influence others can no longer affect them. It turns into hatred in due time. On the other hand you can consider the case of an ugly person.

If his character will be attractive and good, all will like him. His attitude will surely change into love and affection. The best example of this is Swami Ramdev, who is famous worldwide for his social work and services done to mankind.

Instead it is based on its quality and capability. In other words, a person can be called truly handsome when he is attractive in his character. Read More…

Believe in Diligence and not in Luck by Chance

Man is the best creature of God on earth, but a lazy person is a burden on himself. A person’s real wealth is hard work and no one can succeed without it. Diligence is the key to success.

Some people overestimate their luck when success comes in a chance, which lasts only a short time because only hard work can bring lasting success.

This is the tendency of a person who is determined firmly that under any circumstances he will work hard and will not stop before achieving the goal. Read More…

Traditional Vs Modern Education

Education was a different form in our past. At that time attention was given to physical education, moral education, intellectual education etc. along with alphabetic knowledge. “Nalanda” was the oldest university-system of education in the world.

In this pattern along with language, sharing of information, gathering of food and providing shelter. It was being also taught to acquire cultural values, religious rites or practices. To survive, people developed skills that developed in cultural and educational patterns.

Modern education includes writing, imagination, and thinking skills. It is an evolution of traditional education. Now it has become an industry. Besides these it has separate faculties for various vocational education. Read More…