The Drip, A Fear-6

The lion and the bear told the monkey their story of their experience. The monkey laughed at both of them after hearing the story. The monkey said to the lion, “Your Majesty, no one is so powerful in this forest, for the fear of which you are running away.

The monkey urged both of them, “You come with me and show me the place where you left him”. I will find out what it is that caused our Majesty to get upset. The lion and the bear walked with the monkey and they showed the monkey the banyan tree from afar.

The monkey started climbing the tree. The thief sitting on the tree was watching all this. The monkey jumped from one branch to another in search of a “Drip” and eventually fell upon the thief who was sitting on a branch hiding himself in the middle of the leaves. Both of them clinging to each other, fluttering between the leaves, fell on the ground. The monkey got up and shouted, Run, it is neither a “Drip” nor a “tail breaker”, this is a “flutter”. Read More…

The Drip, A Fear-5

The thief caught the tail of the bear. The bear was pushing for the tail and the thief was not ready to leave. In this thrust of both of them, the tail of the bear was uprooted and he came down to earth with a bang.

The bear got up in disgrace and said, “Your Majesty, run, if you can run, this is not” dripping, it’s a tail breaker.” The two ran away from there and the thief took a sigh of relief.

While running the bear and lion reached some distance that they found a monkey. The monkey asked both of them very politely, what happened to the nobles. Why are you running so nervous today? Read More…

The Drip, A Fear-4

The lion asked the bear, “Run, if you could, now the time has come to leave the forest, because a very powerful creature has come into the forest, its name is dripping, I am just coming after get rid of that.”

The bear said to the lion ” your majesty, there is not such a creature, who is stronger than you” Show me where you have left him. The lion daringly showed the bear the banyan tree, where he had left the drip.

The thief had seen the bear coming with the lion, so he got alert and devised a strategy. Bear had climbed on the tree and started looking for “Drip” here and there and finally he reached to the “Drip” in a short time. Read More…

The Drip, A Fear-3

Both of them were thinking about the same fear. Now the lion was planning to go under some low branch of the tree, so he could get rid of the drip. And the thief was also thinking the same so that he can catch some branch of the tree and get rid of the drip.

The lion eventually saw a banyan tree. His branches were very low. The lion emerged from there and the thief was also looking for this opportunity. As the lion came out from under a branch, the thief held it tightly and climbed the tree.

The lion was overjoyed that he had escaped from a drip. The lion kept running continuously, he wanted to get away from this disaster as quickly as possible. He found a bear on the way. The bear asked him the reason for running. Read More…

The Drip, A Fear-2

When the thief took note of the grandparents’ story, he saw the rain stopped a bit. He thought that this is the right time to steal the cow, because they are all engrossed in the story. He slowly moved forward where the lion was standing.

Nothing could be seen due to the darkness, the thief approached the lion and thought that the cow was out and wasted so much time in vain, and he sat on the back of the lion as a cow.

The lion had no fear of such an incident and ran towards the forest at that rate. The lion was afraid that dripping is on his back, on the other hand, the thief was also being the same fear that he accidentally sat on the back of the drip. Read More…

The Drip, A Fear-1

In a village on the edge of the forest, a family lived in a grass thatched hut. They had a cow. One day a thief saw the cow and planned to steal it. On the other hand, when a lion from the forest also saw a cow, he decided to hunt it.

It was night and was raining. The cow was tied inside the house due to rain. Thus, both the thief and the lion had to search for the opportunity. Both of them were hidden in the boundary of the house.

The child asked his grandmother ” Did you not afraid of?” “I am not afraid of anything else, but afraid of a drip”, grandmother told. At this, both the thief and the lion were afraid of who is stronger than us, so that they are afraid, not from us. Cont’d… Read More…

Hey! Someone is Waiting for You at Home

“Speed thrills but kills” this saying came to my life and taught me a great lesson. This was Jul 2006, when I was at Guwahati. It was a holiday, four of my friends came to me and proposed to have lunch together.

We visited the local market, purchased vegetables, condiments and other necessary commodities for the lunch and came back to my house. We started preparing lunch and had it together. Everything was very nice. We were enjoying our holiday.

After lunch we had some gossip, laughter and jokes. Then we went outside the house to visit a nearby tea garden. We were all happy for the event. We could not guess how the two hours passed. Then my friends asked me to return as their residence was nearby. I urged them to leave them at their house.

When we reached their residence, a friend of ours was waiting for us. He asked me to come to the market with him. I refused but they all forced me to sit behind him on a motor cycle. He began to accelerate and, after driving a kilometer, with no control over driving, he hit a motorcycle with a dog.

I jumped from the bike and fell about a hundred meters away. In this incident, the bones of my arms and legs were broken. Read More..

Wondering Stormy Night

It was night when I woke up from sleep. It was still raining, it was also necessary to go out. As soon as I was ready to get out of the house, my feet went into the water and somehow I escaped from falling.

Outside was very dark. Very high trees were surrounded all around and seems to be the Angels. High speed wind was blowing. A corridor passed through the trees, but it was not known where it was. If there was a slight noise, then all the body would sweat. There were shivering in the body due to drops of rain and winds.

While leaving the house, he had forgotten to take rain. There was a strange nervousness in my mind. He was regretting his decision. There was neither a population nor any human being visible, where shelter could be taken. The sounds of wild animals were making the atmosphere even more frightening.

My throat was drying up, there was confusion about where to go. The legs were not getting up. The mind was reduced to zero. There was a strange sound in the clump of trees, the right courage also answered. Read More…