Bhai Dooj

Bhai Dooj is a festival celebrated by Hindus on the second lunar day of the Shukla Paksha of the Vikram Samvat Hindu calendar or Kartik month. It is celebrated during the Diwali and Holi festival. Bhaiya Dooj is one such occasion that can define the eternal love between brothers and sisters.

They are the best friends of each other, protectors of each other, admirers of each other and has unconditional love for each other. This wonderful festival is an important occasion where sisters pray to God for the longevity, well-being and prosperity of their beloved brother. It is celebrated on the last day of the five-day long festival of Diwali. It is also celebrated in the southern parts of India as “Yama II”.

According to the one legend, Lord Krishna visited his sister, Subhadra after killing demon Narkasur. Her sister gave a warm welcome to him and made the occasion really special through flowers and sweets. Subhadra also applied the ceremonial “tilak” on the forehead of her brother, Krishna and hence the festival of “Bhai Dooj” was born from there. Read More…

Diwali, The Festival of Lights

Diwali is the festival of lights, which is celebrated with great pomp across India. The festival usually lasts for five days and is celebrated during the Hindu month of Kartik. One of the most popular festivals of Hinduism, Diwali spiritually signifies “the victory of light over darkness, good over evil, and wisdom over ignorance.”

Diwali is the festival of Indian lights. The festival gets its name from the row of clay lamps that Indians light outside their homes. Earthen lamps symbolize the inner light that protects us from spiritual darkness.

The festival is dedicated to Lord Rama, who returned to his kingdom on this day after his victory over King Ravana of Lanka. He was welcomed by the citizens of Ayodhya by lighting lamps in front of their homes. The festival falls on the “Amavasya” of the Hindu month Karthik. This night is very dark, but in the light of the lamps there is not even a shadow of darkness. Read More…

Lets Spread Happiness This Diwali

We celebrate festivals as a tradition, but we forget those values of traditions. These days we end the festivals with a good meal, home decoration, cleaning around, etc. But can you think that these are not our traditions, we have modified them according to our comfort. We do not give gifts, but change them from one to the other on this day.

Let us celebrate this Diwali by spreading happiness. Light a lamp of joy in a house that has not even realized it. We should give gifts to those who need them. If we do this, it will be a meaningful Diwali for all of us. See also a day of happiness in the lives of those who see it from afar. Let’s erase this line of distance and bring them together, which was drawn by us by mistake.

Diwali is a festival of light. Brighten the life of a homeless child, a shelter is nothing less than a house. Visit their home with gifts and smiles. You should aim to enjoy them. Carry simple toys, sweets and useful items like pens, notebooks, color pencils etc. All this gives them a small part of their stolen childhood.

Instead of spending on firecrackers that are harmful to the environment, donate to NGOs like “Save the Children”. The organization works closely with children, communities and governments, facing the greatest challenges today, including education, nutrition, trafficking, violence and abuse. When you donate to a child’s education, you not only help them gain the ability to read and write, but also help in building a more caring society. Read More…

The Cost of One Smile

It was summer, I was on the road from Jodhpur to Jaisalmer with my friends. It was night, and Weather was looking happy. We parked our vehicle near a restaurant and after a short walk we sat down to eat. It was a very crowded area, while there were very small flowers stall, other such shops and also a big temple in front of it, Therefore, there is always a crowd in that area.

We ordered food. There was some time to serve our food. My eyes fell on the owner of the restaurant, while a poor man was sitting with folded hands on the ground, the man’s eyes were somewhat filled and stung, looking helpless with hunger and thirst. I got up and went to the owner of the restaurant and asked what is it, who is this this and why is he sitting down. The restaurant owner told that he has made this restaurant’s hut, it was to be paid tomorrow but it has arrived today.

I liked the nature of the restaurant owner but he did not like the man coming in such a crowd. When I asked the man to sit with us, he was very surprised, but then sat down, that day I enjoyed eating very much. After eating food there was a feeling on his face but he was also seen in confusion. When asked the reason for this, he told, “My stomach is full but everyone in the house are looking for food, what I will tell them?”

Our bill had arrived, I went to the counter on the pretext of paying the bill, asked to pack food for the man and to add the amount to my bill. Then I was very happy to hear what the restaurant owner said. He said, “Let us also do some service, it is my fault that I did not understand it, he is, who made my restaurant and I forgot to respect it.” Thus the owner of the restaurant not only gave him food but also paid his full remuneration at the same time and assured him of help whenever he needed it. At that time the man’s face had blossomed like a rose, he and the owner of the restaurant were also thanking us for all this. Thus the smile of that unknown man had made both our journey fatigue and journey successful. Read More…

“My Father” Whose Love Shows Me The Way

My father advised the teacher, “Teach him a gentleman’s education.” My father was not only fond of this young society, whose manners were always attractive; He also held the highest opinion of her, and hoped that philanthropy would be my profession, which I intended to impart to her. He always supported me to fulfill my dreams and what I love, how much risks there are. My father has taught me that family is essential, and never mind, my family will always be there for me.

By myself, it’s been many, many years since I first started thinking of him very differently. The liberal instinct, wanting theory, was careful to protect the knowledge of his best friend and who had opportunities to see him in unexpected moments. Which nobody else could do. He has maintained a proper balance between administration and affection to build our character.

He was the essential part of the family as he laid out the foundation, which binds the family and its members in harmony. He taught us how to live responsibly and respect others in society as well as in the family. Whenever I was in trouble, my father helped me with love and affection. He taught me how to remain fit, healthy, happy and a calm person throughout my life. He was kind, courteous and genuinely friendly to all. Read More…

Karva Chauth Vrat Katha

Kartik Krishna Paksha Chaturthi is a tradition to observe the fast of Karva Chauth. Women keep this fast for the long life of their husband. This fast is kept waterless throughout the day. The entire makeup is done in the fast. The women listen to the story of “Goddess” in the afternoon or evening. First of all “Lord Ganesh” should be worshiped. The story of the fast should be heard only after worshiping the Shiva family. Give a plate of worship by touching the mother-in-law’s feet. See the moon at night. The moon should be seen with a sieve. After this, looking at the husband with a sieve, touching the feet, drinking water should open the fast.

Her sister-in-law informs her of the truth as to why this happened to her. The gods are angry with Karva Chauth’s fast because of the wrong break. Once Indra’s wife Indrani came to earth on Karva chauth day and Veeravati went to her and prayed for her husband’s safety. Devi Indrani asked Veeravati to observe Karva chauth with full devotion and law. This time Veeravati kept the fast of Karva chauth with full devotion. Seeing her devotion and faith, the Lord was pleased and he gave Veeravati to be always happy blessing and brought her husband alive. After this, women started having unwavering faith in Karva Chauth fast.

A Brahmin had seven sons and was the only daughter named Veeravati. Being the only sister of seven brothers, Veeravati was dear to all the brothers and loved her more than her life. After some time, Veeravati was married to a Brahmin youth. After marriage, Veeravati came to her maternal home and then kept a fast of Karva chauth with her sisters-in-law, but by the evening, she was disturbed by hunger. All the brothers sat down to eat and urged their sister to eat it, but the sister told that today she has a waterless fast of Karva Chauth and she can eat only by seeing the moon and offering it to her. But the moon has not yet come out, so she is distraught with hunger and thirst.

Veeravati’s condition was not seen by her brothers, a brother lit a lamp on a peepal tree and placed it behind the sieve. It looked as if the moon had come out from a distance. Then a brother came and told Veeravati that the moon has come out, you can have food.  She happily climbed the stairs and looked at the moon and sat down to eat food by offering Arghy to him. She sneezed as soon as she has put the first piece in her mouth. When the second piece was inserted, hair came out in it. After this, as soon as she tried to put the third piece in the mouth, she got the news of her husband’s death. Read More…

Success, With Will to Claw and Climb

I moved forward on the first step of my life. The sun of our life had risen now and its yellow rays were spreading in our life. Success only exists for those who want to climb to the top with their willpower for years, regardless of any recognition, money, or energy. Everyone shall have the vision to find it. We should make our desire the starting point of our achievement.

My mother used to say I had not thought of this life in my dreams. She used to thanks to “God” for his blessings after lots of struggle in her life. The saying came this way true that “Everyone Salutes the Rising Sun.” The men who did not allow us to stand with them, today they started getting happy and started talking to us.

Two years passed while I was working but I did not see much change in the house. I planned to do farming along with my job. To which all the members of the family objected, but somehow I pleased everyone, thus opening up a new source of income besides my regular income. Read More…

Nov 01, Anniversary of Haryana

Today is the 54th anniversary of Haryana. On this occasion, I congratulate all the people of the state. May our state continue to rise to new heights of progress? Together, we will give a new dimension to the proud history of the state.

Haryana was formed on November 1, 1966 and the first Chief Minister of the state was Bhagwat Dayal Sharma. Haryana was formed on 1 November 1966 and the first Chief Minister of the state was Bhagwat Dayal Sharma. The partition of the state of Punjab resulted in two distinct states — Punjabi-speaking Punjab and Hindi-speaking Haryana. Haryana derives its name from Hari (Hindu god Vishnu) and Ayana (house), which means “abode of God”. Most of the state’s land is arable, but much requires irrigation. The climate of Haryana is hot in the summer and markedly cold in winter; maximum temperatures in May and June may exceed 110 °F and in January, the coldest month, low temperatures may drop below the freezing point.

Haryana is a North Indian state surrounding New Delhi on 3 sides. The Yamuna River runs along its eastern border with Uttar Pradesh. Shared with Punjab, the state capital Chandigarh is known for its modernist buildings and gridlike street plan designed by Swiss architect, Le Corbusier. The Zakir Hussain Rose Garden features 1,600 species.

About three-quarters of Haryana’s population lives in rural areas; however, cities continued to develop rapidly as commercial, industrial and agricultural marketing centers. The largest cities of the state include Faridabad, Rohtak, Panipat, Hisar, Sonipat and Karnal.

A farming-rich state, Haryana contributes large amounts of wheat and rice to the central pool. In addition, the state produces significant quantities of cotton, mustard, millet, chickpeas, sugarcane, maize and potatoes. Dairy are cattle, buffalo, and cows, predominating in the area.

Haryana has made rapid strides in the development of agriculture-based manufacturing. Among the most important of such industries are cotton and sugar processing and the production of farm machinery. Haryana also manufactures chemicals as well as a great variety of consumer goods. Read More…

Agony of A Man

On an evening I was walking through my street, I saw a man sitting alone and was very sad. I went to him and asked the well being of him. In reply, he murmured, I don’t want to live any more; but even couldn’t die also. How much games I had to play in this small innings of my life. The sunset of my life is near, not because of I am sickness or I am mentally ill; but because of my family.

I was living happily with my wife and three children. I never thought of this even in my dreams. The family, who showed me a lot of affection during the tenure of my job, will change completely after my retirement. All three of my children are still graduates. While maintaining this standard of education, they behave like wild animals. Their condition has become so high that my position is not more than a dishwasher.

My wife is illiterate, then she has the right to praise me. She never missed any opportunity to say abusive words to me. My voice, which sounded like a cuckoo to her, today sounds like a torn bamboo. Had to take my name once, with great admiration, but today it has been replaced by dirty abuses. No one has time nor words for me. Even today, it is the same relationship, whenever there is a need for money, it is said that I did not repay on borrowed time.

This is not the first deception in my life, even before my family looted me. Is it all in my luck, at that time only money was looted, which was earned again, I had time and courage for it too? But now self-esteem has been auctioned and this too at the hands of those whom I cannot imagine, but see the irony of time and my luck, what can I do other than endure all this. Now till the last breath, I shall have to live chokingly and suffer all the pain of life.

These are the same family members who used to remind me many times a day that they are waiting for me, the reason behind this is that if they show their color at that time their brilliant life would be affected. Despite doing so much, I am reminded that I have done nothing.

After hearing all this, I could not utter a single word. I just put my hand on his shoulder and moved forward wondering why we are all so selfish. Why do we forget that the man we neglect is also part of the family, whether he did anything or not? Read More…

Importance of Guru

Everyone needs a guide for their life, who should inspire us to follow the good path with a good rite. Our first teachers are parents who bring us into this world. Whose education works everywhere in our life and guides our life.Everyone needs a guide for their life, who should inspire us to follow the good path with a good rite. Our first teachers are parents who bring us into this world. Whose education works everywhere in our life and guides our life.

The Guru will not only help you in your spiritual journey, but will also guide you in your household life, he will give you intuition powers to decide what is good for your life and what is bad. He will give you powers to decide which path will benefit your soul and will guide you which path to avoid.

The word “Guru” is a Sanskrit word. “A person imparting spiritual and worldly knowledge is called a Guru.” After parents, it is the Guru who helps us to move towards positivity without any discrimination and selflessness and keeps us from negativity. Our poets and litterateurs have told about the glory of Guru in our lives in different languages.

Guru’s place in Sanskrit language is also mentioned above Bhagavan, because interviewing Bhagavan is possible only through Guru. It is also said in Sanskrit,

“Gururbrahma Gruurvishnu: Gururdevo Maheshwara. Guru: Sakshat parbrahma Tasmai Shri Gurve Namah.”

That is to say, “Guru is Lord Brahma, Guru is Lord Vishnu and Guru is Lord Mahesh (Shankar), Guru is a true Parabrahma, that’s why I bow to my Guru.”

“Vinayphalam Shushrusha Guru Shushrusha film Shrutham Gyanam. Gyanasya falam virti, virtifalam chaashrav nirodh: “

That is, “the fruit of humility is seva, the fruit of guru seva is knowledge, the fruit of knowledge is virakti (stability), and the fruit of stability is ashrava nirodha (liberation of bondage and salvation).”

Dugdhen Dhenu: Kusmen Valli Sheelan Bharatya Kamalen Toyam. Guru Vina Bhati Na Chaiv shishya: Shamen Vidya Nagari Janen.

That is, “Just like a cow without milk, a vine without a flower, a wife without a character, a water without a lotus, a knowledge without peace, and a city without people do not adorn, likewise a Guru does not grace a disciple.” Read More…