The First Journey of My Life Part- I

It was 07 Oct 1987, when we were pushed like animals in Pashchim Express train for Mumbai (Bombay). The crowd in the train was so heavy that, we could not take care of our luggage. We were only praying for our life. Train departed from New Delhi Railway station in the evening around 05’, o clock.

Many people were screaming, “we will fall down, go inside”, but there was no space in the train to move a centimeter. Then he made a vigorous push and we moved a foot further into it. Every movement was by force, individually we were unable to do anything. The train was moving at its speed and we were standing helpless.Train halted many stations but nothing was visible outside due to crowd.

Condition was so bad that we had forgotten our hunger and thirst. Late night when I got slept, I could not remember. Perhaps it might be unconsciousness. Read More…

Visit to My Native Place-2

We took National Highway 58 from Udaipur. The roads were smooth and with low traffic, so our journey was quite comfortable. We were moving on our way seeing the beauty of Rajasthan. Our journey to this point was very pleasant. After three hour of driving, we halted at Beawar, Rajasthan at a restaurant for our lunch. We were moving as per our time schedule. We had our lunch, had rest for a while and gone ahead on our way at 1500 hrs.

We had to speed up our vehicle as we wanted to cross Jaipur before sunset. We had crossed Ajmer and now the road had also widened. In this way we reached Jaipur at 1800 hrs. It took two hours to cross Jaipur till we reached National Highway 8. There was lots of work on roads was in progress in Jaipur. It took lots of time by diversion at various places. The situation of National Highway 8 was very bad and due to night there was low visibility, which caused slow movement of the vehicle.

My house is about 3 hours from Jaipur but due to road condition we could not cross Jaipur in three hours. I stayed at a hotel for dinner at 2100. We were quite late, usually it is more traffic at night, so we thought of resting for an hour. We left the hotel at 2230, traffic had also become moderate.

We came to Kotputli and left the National Highway 8 and moved on the National Highway 148B. Then via Behrod to Narnaul and reached my house at 0100 hrs. Thus, for the first time in my life, I had done this memorable journey of 19 hours in a day by my car. Read More…

Visit to My Native Place-1

The weather was really lovely when we woke up. It was four in the morning. Although, we had prepared it in advance, but some important stuff had to be taken for the day. It is a place where I was born, but for six years I had not been there even once. This lovely day was a great opportunity to go for a visit. It was 05.30 o’clock in the morning when I along with my family started our journey for my native place “Mahendragarh”, Haryana. We took national highway 48, after 25 kilometer we left it and diverted on Gujarat State Highway 154 towards “Modasa”.

The traffic on the road was very low as it was morning. When we reached Kapadganj, the sun had risen. The car was running at its full speed as if it was too early to reach home. There was a feeling of mild cold in the atmosphere, which was creating more thrill in the journey. Three hours had passed since we left our house and we had reached “Modasa,” Gujarat, parked the car and we made our first tea on our way.

After tea we had to speed up our journey as our destination was far away. After this we entered the border of Rajasthan via “Shyamalji” Gujarat. As soon as we enter Rajasthan, we start seeing mountain ranges. The winding path from the middle of the mountains, sometimes climbing up and down again, was a wonderful sight. The road up to Udaipur was similar where our second stop was going to be. Thus, while looking at the bird’s eye view of nature, we reached “Udaipur”, Rajasthan at 11.30 hrs.

Since this was my first road trip, we had to find the road ahead along with tea, as there were three routes to reach my destination. From here we decided to reach Jaipur after tea and go to Ajmer via Ajmer and we headed towards our destination. Read More…

Visit to a Hill Station

I had a great desire to go to Leh since childhood. There were many soldiers in our village, three-four of whom were in Leh. Everyone talked about them in my village. This used to increase my curiosity even more. I got this opportunity in September 1993.

Where there are so many high, snow-capped mountains, where there are circuitous paths to go, where it takes so long to reach, but that place will be no less beautiful and delightful than heaven. Because anyway the Himalayan mountains are world famous.

It was the day of 01 September 1993, in the morning, I started preparing to go to Leh. There was no end to my happiness because my childhood wish was going to be fulfilled. My flight was from Chandigarh. For this I caught a bus from my hometown Mahendragarh Haryana at 2100 am because my flight was at 0600 am the next day.

I reached Chandigarh at 0500 hrs in the morning at Airport. I checked in and boarded in the flight. It took off from Chandigarh at 0625 hrs and landed at Leh airport at 0715 hrs. Due to high altitude, it is medically advised to have 48 hrs rest. Read More…

Ultimate Peace

It was a very pleasant morning. Snow was shining in the sun on the mountain peaks. It was my heartiest desire to travel to the snow covered mountains once in life, which now succeeded in the last phase of life. I set out on the final journey of my dreams through the icy paths. How far I reached here, I was unaware. There was snow all around.

There was a feeling that the legs were moving on their own but the body was shivering, there was no resting place, and I piled on the same ice. My body was relaxed, eyes closed. But it seemed that I had been going through long shores and dark scenes, I had been there hundreds of times. My memory was relaxed. I was also craving to take a nap.

I can tell that I had come to the end, it was not common here, and however, I felt peace, ultimate peace. A huge light beam appeared towards me and its bright light blinded my vision this time as the end. The wind felt great on my face and I was blowing like a toy in the air. Read More…

Funny Journey On The Track

In 1990, we boarded a train from Mumbai to Delhi. Do not know why the train coach seemed to be empty today. It was not crowded like other days. We fell asleep when train departed from the station.

In the morning, gossiping with fellow travelers started over tea. I wish you had been with us, because we were having such fun! As we are together. “When we are away we had so much fun. Think how much fun we would have had!”  

We felt that we should never get off the coach. I was ready to die of laughter. And then we were so happy all over the way to house that we were talking about the train compartment and laughed so loudly, that anybody might have heard us ten miles off!” Read More…

First Journey of My Life Part- IV

In the evening our train reached at Belgaum railway station around 5 pm. We got off the train and gathered on the platform. Although it was an official visit, we had no problem, as our people were waiting for us.

They welcomed us, inquired about it if there was any difficulty along the way. Then took our official papers and counted our people. After checking all the papers, he brought us with him to the place where he had arranged the trains for us. Thus we were away from our house at the new house.

But the journey was not yet complete. After reaching there, there was some change in where we had to stay. We were about six hundred boys from all over India. They offered dinner, but most of us were unable to eat due to a long and tiring journey. Finally, thinking about the next trip, we slept. Read More…

First Journey of My Life Part- III

We had to go to Belgaum city in Karnataka state, our next train was from Bombay VT (Presently Mumbai CST). We had gone by local train to Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji

Maharaj Terminus. There we had tea and breakfast. There was time to depart our train, so we went out for a walk outside Station. Feeling quite light when we arrived at Station. We got a seat in the Mahalakshmi Express to Miraj railway station.

The next morning we got down from the train, gathered at a venue and inquired about the train going to Belgaum. We had our breakfast at the station and left for Belgaum by train. Everything was so amazing, black soil, their costumes, food even I had not heard before, such as vada pav, idli, sambar, dosa, poha.

But the greenery of that place was touching my heart. Nature is the most precious and valuable gift to us from the God to live our life here on the earth.

The sorrow that was born in my mind after seeing this beauty of nature has vanished. We cannot find this type of forestry in Delhi area. Read More…

First Journey of My Life Part- II

It was 9 o’clock when I woke up. The train was parked at a station. But now there was a crowd but not like yesterday. I didn’t even drink water after boarding the train. I was feeling nauseous but was unable to go anywhere.

An old couple were sitting nearby where I was standing. When the train reached Vadodara railway station in the afternoon, the couple offered to sit with them. Many others objected, but they ignored him. I got a seat 14 hours after the starting of trip and I was very relaxed.

The couple asked me to have lunch and drink some water. I could not eat food but still drank some water and fell asleep. I woke up in the evening when the train was at our last stop at Kalyan Junction, Mumbai. All my colleagues gathered there, we were about 40 persons of the same age group. Read More…