Agriculture, Our Kitchen Garden

Organic produce is getting pricey everyday and everyone wants to eat healthy. You can easily save on expenses by growing vegetables indoors. It’s not as tedious as it sounds, hence, everyone must have a kitchen garden, where you can grow herbs and vegetables you use in everyday cooking.

There was a piece of land near our house, which we developed as a kitchen garden. In this we sowed spinach, carrots, coriander, brinjal, garlic, onions and green chilies, which became quite popular in our neighborhood. Apart from this, we also planted some fruitful plants. It looked so beautiful that many people came to see it.

It was the habitate of our pets. A shed was installed here to prevent sun and rain and an underground water tank, an open tank and a hand pump were also provided, if for any reason the water supply is shut down, then, there should not be any problem for the water.

Most of our time was spent in this piece of land, one of the reasons was that we had to go there to take care of the animals and secondly, it became a beautiful garden, which had rosewood, neem, plum, mulberry and pomegranate trees, which now started giving good shade and fruits. Read More…

New Generation and Technology

The old days are always remembered when we look at today’s generation. Technology is for our comfort, it does not mean that we should be slaves to technology. There are only a limited number of youth who use it, the rest of them are slaves of technology.

When we walk around, we find each one using mobile-connected headphones and they move around in such a way that they are the only ones in this universe and no one else. They have nothing to do with the traffic passing through the roads. Not only this, they have become so lazy that, they chat from one room to another in the same house, instead of talking face to face.

This increases communication gap, there is no social interaction, Today, we meet on social platforms, not face to face. In our early era, there were social gatherings, a time of family happiness, where all members of society or family sit together and exchange their thoughts, share experiences, mourning and happiness, today it has been replaced by social platform on internet. Read More…

Lemongrass; Repository of Properties

Lemongrass is a natural herb and appears like a common grass. As the name suggests, lemongrass has the fragrance of lemon but it is milder and sweeter in taste. Lemongrass is an herb that people can use to make nutritious tea. It protects us from many diseases. It can help us stop the growth of some bacteria.

Lemongrass also contains substances that relieve pain and inflammation, reduce fever and improve blood sugar and cholesterol levels. It is packed with antioxidants that help in detoxing and cleansing you from within. Lemongrass relieves headache and migraine caused by discomfort due to its analgesic properties.

It helps in digesting food. It is also known to limit absorption of cholesterol from the intestines, thus promoting overall heart health. Its tea is a great option for your weight loss diet plan as it helps to increase your metabolism and helps in burning more calories. It has a great source of vitamins A and C which are essential nutrients for beautiful skin and hair. Read More…

Ficus Religiosa Abode of God

Ficus Religiosa is sacred in Indian tradition, and is also called the Deva tree. It is also known as Bodhi tree. In Buddhism, this is important because Buddha attained enlightenment under the Bodhi tree and is revered in various cultures. At its root is Brihama, Vishnu in the middle and Lord Shiva in the back is believed to be the abode, that’s why that’s why it is worshiped. Burning or cutting of this tree is prohibited in North India, although its wood has special significance in worship.

Peepal tree provides oxygen round the clock and purifies the surrounding environment. In traditional medicine, it is beneficial in treating many types of disorders like asthma, dysentery, arthritis, boils and pimples etc. Leaves, bark, and fiber are used for fodder, dye, tanning, and milk to seal something.

Peepal trees give us shade and shelter as well as a pure atmosphere, reflecting their unique aesthetic and cultural significance. Let us pledge to revive our surroundings with peepal trees. They can be planted in every area where open areas are available. Can be placed on both sides of the national highways so that the passengers can get accommodation. My Profile…

Herbs For Your Garden

India is home to a wide variety of plant species. Some plant species play a very important role in human life and are used directly and indirectly due to medicinal properties. We in India are blessed with such herb plants.

1. Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera, which does not require much introduction, is a commonly found plant in every household and neighborhood. Its gel which is used in many medicines and a lot of beauty and facial products is derived from its leaves. This is now a very popular plant above all. One of the most crucial elements found in aloe vera gel is a complex carbohydrate known as acemannan. It allows nutrients to reach the cells, nourish them and at the same time relieve them of toxins.

2. Ashwagandha:

Ashwagandha is a highly attractive medicinal herb and is an ayurvedic herb helpful in natural healing. Root and fruit are the most important parts in the plant and their extracts are used in medicinal applications. Its extract is mainly used for relieving stress and depression. Apart from this, these extracts also help in curing diseases like arthritis, hyperactivity disorder, insomnia, maintaining blood sugar levels, and cholesterol levels.

3. Carom:

Carom seeds also known as Ajwain. These seeds are added in almost every Indian curry recipe. Ajwain seeds do possess a strong aroma which not only adds up to the flavor of the food but also adds up to many health benefits. It gives instant relief from acidity and indigestion. This also helps in dealing with respiratory ailments like asthma and bronchitis. It provides great help in getting rid of dirt from the skin.

4. Curry Leaves:

Curry leaves are used as spices and flavor enhancing agents in almost all Indian foods. Every part of the plant: leaves, roots and bark are used extensively for various medicinal applications. But curry leaves are quite famous due to their high nutritional benefits. Curry leaves are a great source of high fiber content, which reduce weight and reduce hair loss.

5. Fenugreek:

Fenugreek is gaining a lot of popularity worldwide. The popular herb is not only a common kitchen spice, but is also most commonly used in soaps and shampoos. This herb is also rich in nutrients which are used in curing diseases like diabetes, constipation, blood sugar levels, testosterone, and male libido. Ripe or boiled seeds work for weight loss and also relieves muscle aches.

6. Giloy:

Giloy is an herb called the root of immortality in Ayurveda. Due to its extremely rich medicinal properties, it has been used as medicines. It is quite simple and easy to grow at your home. It is useful for our immunity, chronic fever, digestion, diabetes, reduces stress and anxiety, arthritis, reduces asthmatic symptoms and boost our vision. Giloy is also known for its anti-inflammatory benefits.

7 Khus:

Khus plants or popularly knows as Khus grass is widely found in plains and hilly areas of India.The roots is the most important part of this plant. Oils of Khus roots are used in perfumes and soaps. The Khus plants have high medicinal properties and help prevent Jaundice, Diuretic, Arthritis, Maintains Blood sugar levels and also boosts blood circulation and immunity levels.

8) Sage:

Sage is a highly beneficial medicinal herb of the peppermint family. This small herb has some strong aromatic appearance. Its leaves serve as excellent skin and hair care. By boiling sage leaves in water and washing hair, not only your hair grows but also becomes shiny. Burning of dried sage leaves is commonly practiced in India to improve air quality, kill bacteria. Sage also contains small amounts of magnesium, zinc, copper and vitamins A, C and E.

9 Spearmint:

Peppermint is known by many names such as Mackerel Mint, Garden Mint, and Lamb Peppermint famous as “the world’s oldest medicine”. The leaves of these plants are rich in vitamins, and manganese and are popular in summer drinks, tea, and chutneys across India.  Its oil, which is known as menthol, comes with a host of health and beauty benefits, right from soothing an upset stomach and treating cold to relieving stress and skin irritation. No wonder in the ancient times it was used as an herbal medicine across various cultures.

10. Tulsi:

One of the most common plants widely found in the homes of many Indians. This plant is considered sacred and often feeds you basil leaves. In this way it is applied to bring good luck and comfort in the house. It is used in herbal teas, beauty products and is widely used to fight indigestion, diabetes, fever, cold, cough and bronchitis. It can reduce the frequency of coughing and can soothe throat soreness and irritation. The essential oils found in tulsi may help manage blood pressure levels too. My Profile…

The Mask, Sentinels of Covid-19

Covid-19 strikes on humanity,

Make a shield cancel every attack of Covid,

Our friendly our guardian,

The spear of Covid can’t pierce it,

Covid distanced society,

But made him our friend,

Help us on every steps,

Without which no longer life,

Equally with rich or poor,

Comparison never pleases him,

Every time I looked at him,

He always supported me,

Thank a lot Oh, my friend,

Supported when all stepped aside,

How much should I praise you?

The human will remain indebted to you,

He got angry after hearing this,

Then he narrated this line,

You made me little by saying this,

I am just your mask. My Profile…

Decide To Be A Yogi or A Patient

Today we all are living a very busy life, so it becomes very necessary for us to maintain our health with our professional requirements. It helps us a lot in our old age.

You have to decide yourself, want to be in your old age “Yogi” or live life of a “Patient”. If you will be “Yogi” then you will be loved by everyone, but you choose the second one, then everyone seems to neglect you, despite your contribution to your family.

So, be ready for better and proud evening of your life and start living life with little change in lifestyle habits.

Firstly, your body acts what you think, so keep your attitude on the positive thinking.

Secondly, give vegetables an indispensable place in your life and eat them raw or boiled such as cabbage, carrots, tomatoes, grapes, and leafy greens.

A “Meal Ideal” will help you manage your weight, keep you cool, maintain your focus on your work.

You must have a sound sleep at night, for a healthy body as well as mind. You must go for small exercises and “Yoga” and “Meditation”. Pay attention to your sense of satisfaction, relaxation, tension, exhilaration, and fatigue. Read More…