Lets Spread Happiness This Diwali

We celebrate festivals as a tradition, but we forget those values of traditions. These days we end the festivals with a good meal, home decoration, cleaning around, etc. But can you think that these are not our traditions, we have modified them according to our comfort. We do not give gifts, but change them from one to the other on this day.

Let us celebrate this Diwali by spreading happiness. Light a lamp of joy in a house that has not even realized it. We should give gifts to those who need them. If we do this, it will be a meaningful Diwali for all of us. See also a day of happiness in the lives of those who see it from afar. Let’s erase this line of distance and bring them together, which was drawn by us by mistake.

Diwali is a festival of light. Brighten the life of a homeless child, a shelter is nothing less than a house. Visit their home with gifts and smiles. You should aim to enjoy them. Carry simple toys, sweets and useful items like pens, notebooks, color pencils etc. All this gives them a small part of their stolen childhood.

Instead of spending on firecrackers that are harmful to the environment, donate to NGOs like “Save the Children”. The organization works closely with children, communities and governments, facing the greatest challenges today, including education, nutrition, trafficking, violence and abuse. When you donate to a child’s education, you not only help them gain the ability to read and write, but also help in building a more caring society. Read More…

The Cost of One Smile

It was summer, I was on the road from Jodhpur to Jaisalmer with my friends. It was night, and Weather was looking happy. We parked our vehicle near a restaurant and after a short walk we sat down to eat. It was a very crowded area, while there were very small flowers stall, other such shops and also a big temple in front of it, Therefore, there is always a crowd in that area.

We ordered food. There was some time to serve our food. My eyes fell on the owner of the restaurant, while a poor man was sitting with folded hands on the ground, the man’s eyes were somewhat filled and stung, looking helpless with hunger and thirst. I got up and went to the owner of the restaurant and asked what is it, who is this this and why is he sitting down. The restaurant owner told that he has made this restaurant’s hut, it was to be paid tomorrow but it has arrived today.

I liked the nature of the restaurant owner but he did not like the man coming in such a crowd. When I asked the man to sit with us, he was very surprised, but then sat down, that day I enjoyed eating very much. After eating food there was a feeling on his face but he was also seen in confusion. When asked the reason for this, he told, “My stomach is full but everyone in the house are looking for food, what I will tell them?”

Our bill had arrived, I went to the counter on the pretext of paying the bill, asked to pack food for the man and to add the amount to my bill. Then I was very happy to hear what the restaurant owner said. He said, “Let us also do some service, it is my fault that I did not understand it, he is, who made my restaurant and I forgot to respect it.” Thus the owner of the restaurant not only gave him food but also paid his full remuneration at the same time and assured him of help whenever he needed it. At that time the man’s face had blossomed like a rose, he and the owner of the restaurant were also thanking us for all this. Thus the smile of that unknown man had made both our journey fatigue and journey successful. Read More…

Wild versus Human

Undoubtedly, humans are exceptional by virtue that they are the smartest on this planet. Is it the fact, no, many of the animals and birds make this sense fake? In generally, animal make a mistake due to ignorance, but in the case of man, there are lots of mistake which were done by knowing the facts.

A human starts learning by birth, first of all he/ she adopts the signs, then learns mother tongue in a very easy manner without any specially appointed a tutor. The formal education starts at school/ institution. When attains educational qualification then his/ her professional education starts. After this much levels of education, what he behaves, beyond our expectations.

Where as we talks about an animal, it fully depends upon nature. His food, shelter, self security all depends on nature. All they learn to live from nature. That’s why they are called wild. Some of the animals are very close to humans in their lives. If they have any owner, they are called pets, rest are called stray.

First, the “camel”, which was used for agricultural activity and also moved goods from one place to another before motor vehicles came into existence. Camels with only one week of training were used for various agricultural needs. It is a very peaceful animal. It does not cost too much to keep it. The thorny bushes are its favorite food. Despite being such a powerful animal, even a child can handle it. Camels are mostly used in desert terrain, because camels are also called desert ships.

The second is “bull”, it is a camel’s substitute. Where there is hard soil, bulls are well used. It is also suitable for agriculture and freight transportation. They are also peace loving but sometimes take extreme form. They can also be handled by children but with caution. While plowing the fields, camels and bulls move very straight, most of us cannot even draw a straight line with the help of a scale.

Domestic animals include cows, buffaloes, goats, sheep, chickens, and dogs etc. which are directly or indirectly helps the humans. Dogs are definitely reared in a house where there are sheep goats and chickens. Dogs always guarding these animals from others instead of hunting them. But, the human, find a chance to hunt the thing, to whom he is guarding. The animal does not detect the faults of others. But we have a tendency to do it whether we know anything or not. Read More…

Agriculture, Our Kitchen Garden

Organic produce is getting pricey everyday and everyone wants to eat healthy. You can easily save on expenses by growing vegetables indoors. It’s not as tedious as it sounds, hence, everyone must have a kitchen garden, where you can grow herbs and vegetables you use in everyday cooking.

There was a piece of land near our house, which we developed as a kitchen garden. In this we sowed spinach, carrots, coriander, brinjal, garlic, onions and green chilies, which became quite popular in our neighborhood. Apart from this, we also planted some fruitful plants. It looked so beautiful that many people came to see it.

It was the habitate of our pets. A shed was installed here to prevent sun and rain and an underground water tank, an open tank and a hand pump were also provided, if for any reason the water supply is shut down, then, there should not be any problem for the water.

Most of our time was spent in this piece of land, one of the reasons was that we had to go there to take care of the animals and secondly, it became a beautiful garden, which had rosewood, neem, plum, mulberry and pomegranate trees, which now started giving good shade and fruits. Read More…

Agriculture and Art of Cultivating -I

Agriculture plays an important role in both humans and the economy. Apart from providing food, it also provided employment to all my family members and thus our economic status was very encouraging. The biggest benefit of this is that my mother’s complaint also went away, what should I do, I am sitting empty all day. Now, she used to be very happy going to the fields.

Shortage of labor at the time of harvesting has now become a cause for serious concern. Lack of labor during harvesting during this time is not new; Therefore, I used to stay at home while harvesting crops. In this way, the least cost began to benefit significantly, as my family members, who were sitting vacant and all of them would find work in our own fields.

However, we did not grow vegetables in the fields; but some vegetables grow naturally on their own. Wheat and mustard were cultivated in winter. Radish and turnip seeds were also added along with mustard to the fields. Thus, radishes and turnips with mustard were also available at no additional cost and effort. Read More…

Success, With Will to Claw and Climb

I moved forward on the first step of my life. The sun of our life had risen now and its yellow rays were spreading in our life. Success only exists for those who want to climb to the top with their willpower for years, regardless of any recognition, money, or energy. Everyone shall have the vision to find it. We should make our desire the starting point of our achievement.

My mother used to say I had not thought of this life in my dreams. She used to thanks to “God” for his blessings after lots of struggle in her life. The saying came this way true that “Everyone Salutes the Rising Sun.” The men who did not allow us to stand with them, today they started getting happy and started talking to us.

Two years passed while I was working but I did not see much change in the house. I planned to do farming along with my job. To which all the members of the family objected, but somehow I pleased everyone, thus opening up a new source of income besides my regular income. Read More…

The Test of Friendship

Today was a festival. This evening was very delightful. Roads were decorated with full of lights and flowers, everything was visible as far as our eyes could see. Cleanliness in the market was also worth seeing. Even once I was also shocked, I had not come to another city by mistake. But the place was somewhat recognizable. Even the garbage place of the crossroads was seemed to be clean, but failed to hide its familiar smell. Which was a witnessed that I am in the city only.

A lot of time had passed since the sun set, so people were running towards their homes. The market was crowded and children were busy playing, which was causing obstruction to traffic. Hence the market was very active but traffic was sluggish. It took an hour to reach home. All the family members were found outside the house, it seemed that they were waiting for me.

I was very happy to see the family and I was surprised on the other side as well.

I asked eagerly, “How all of you are here at the moment, I hadn’t sent any message!”

He told, “Keshav, the brother of the neighborhood, came to give wishes and gifts. He was missing you very much, he would not have reached home yet. We were about to return but saw you and stayed.

On hearing the name of Keshav, my mind got lost in the memories of the past. We were always together as a child. Food was also distributed and used to be eaten. Keshav could not read due to financial condition and working in the fields had become an integral part of his life. A year had passed, I had not even met him, and even today he was living in the same tight condition.

I quickly went inside the house and opened the sweets given by Keshav and I was shaken to the inside. Where would he have brought such expensive sweets and that much, whether he has left anything in his house or not. With this thought, I immediately got ready and took the path to Keshav’s house.

Keshav blushed at seeing me, he was sitting outside the house looking at the sky. He asked me to sit and himself gone inside the house to get water. I followed him too. As soon as he went inside the house, he told his wife, Deepak has come, keep the children inside. He does not know about our plight, he will be sad. After so many days he has come home, today’s festival should not go in vain. Read More…

Vijai Dashmi/ Dussehra

The festivals celebrated in India give the message of the victory of good over evil in one way or the other but the festival which is known for this message is Dussehra. Exactly twenty days before Diwali. Dussehra is one of the major festivals of Hindus. This festival tells the story of Lord Shri Rama, who, after 9 days of continuous war in Lanka, killed Ahkari Ravana and freed Mother Sita from her captivity.

On this day, Mother Durga also killed Mahishasura, hence it is also celebrated as Vijayadashami and mother Durga is also worshiped. It is believed that Lord Rama also invoked the power by worshiping Mother Durga, after examining Lord Rama, one of the lotus flowers kept for worship disappeared. Since Shri Ram was called Rajivayanan i.e. the lotus with eyes, he decided to offer one of his eyes to the mother as soon as he started removing his eyes, the Goddess appeared pleased and gave him the boon of victory.

It is believed that Lord Rama killed Ravana on the day of Dashami. This festival of Lord Rama’s victory over Ravana and Mata Durga over Mahishasura is celebrated all over the country as the victory of good over evil and religion over unrighteousness. Different styles of celebrating it have also evolved in different parts of the country. Dussehra of Kullu is very famous all over the country, Durga Puja is also celebrated on a large scale in many states including West Bengal, Tripura.

Dussehra is considered to be the biggest symbol on the caste of good over evil. Navratri Dussehra is the main festival of Hinduism. This festival is celebrated as the victory of good over evil and victory of truth over untruth. Every year this festival is celebrated on the Dashami date of Ashwin month Shukla Paksha. There is a tradition throughout the country to blow effigies of Ravana on the day of Vijayadashami.

On this day, Maa Durga and Lord Rama, both should be worshipped. This will destroy all obstacles and you will get victory in life. Worshiping weapons on this day is very beneficial. Arms are worshiped on the day of Dussehra, on this day both weapons and scripture have special significance in the Sanatan tradition. Arms are used in a religious way to protect and self-protect the scriptures. Read More…

Shard Navratra 20- Day- 9. Siddhidatri

The ninth power of Maa Durga is named Siddhidatri. She is going to give all kinds of siddis. Maa Siddhidatri is able to provide all the Siddhas to devotees and seekers. According to Devi Purana, he achieved these achievements only from his kripa. Due to his compassion, half of Lord Shiva’s body was made of Goddess. That is why he became famous as Ardhanarishwar in the world. Mother Siddhidatri is of four arms. The lion is his conveyance. They are also offered on lotus flowers. His right hand has a circle in the lower hand, mace in the upper hand and a lotus flower in the upper hand and a lotus flower in the upper hand. Navratri-pooja is performed on the day of Navami. On this day, all attainment of a spiritual healer is done with classical method and with full devotion. Nothing in the world is possible for him.

Mother Siddhidatri is the last incarnation of the new Durga. The worshipers worship the other eight goddesses in a ritualistic manner and worship them on the ninth day. After completing the worship of these Mother Siddhidatri, all kinds of cosmic and supernatural wishes of the devotees and seekers are fulfilled. But after the blessings of Siddhidatri Ma, there is no remaining desire of the devotee, which he wants to fulfill.

He rises above all worldly desires, needs and mentally wandering in the divine loco of Maa Bhagwati, while enjoying her grace, the subject becomes zero. After getting this position, he does not have any desire for any other Vastu. In order to achieve this harmony of the feet of the mother, we must worship them continuously. Maa Bhagwati’s remembrance, meditation, worship are going to lead us to the real ultimate peaceful nectar by realizing the impermanence of this world. Read More…

Shard Navratra 20 – Day- 8. Mahagauri

The eighth power of Maa Durga is named Mahagauri. Their color is fully noticed. It is also likened to conch, moon and kunda flowers. All their clothing and jewelry is also white. They have four arms. They ride bulls. His upper right hand is in abhaya mudra and lower hand has trident. The top left hand is Damru and the lower hand is in Vara mudra.

She is sitting on a bull and is the most calm of all of Maa Durga’s avatars. She symbolizes purity, serenity and tranquility. A lot of devotees consider this an auspicious day and worship their tools. The significance behind this is that Maa Durga’s weapons are worshipped as symbols of female strength. It is believed that Goddess Mahagauri can fulfil all the desires of her devotees. If you worship her, you can be relived from all the sufferings of life.

His previously accumulated sins are also destroyed. Sin will never come in the future, it will never be sad. He possesses all types of holy and inexhaustible virtues. Maa Mahagauri’s attention to all-round welfare is remembrance, worship and worship for the devotees. We should always take care of them, by their grace, supernatural siddhis are attained. They definitely alleviate the sufferings of devotees. Therefore, we should make every effort to find shelter at their feet, their glory has been richly described in the Puranas. They inspire human beings towards the truth and destroy the discrete. Read More…