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Visit to a Hill Station-4

The Leh Palace is a 17th-century royal palace and one of the central attractions in Leh. Built under the patronage of King Sengge Namgyal, his family lived here. The nine storeyed Dun-coloured palace now has a museum and a prayer hall, while the main attraction is the extensive view of Leh and the surrounding Zanskar Mountains from the terrace.

Namgyal Tsemo Gompa makes Founded in early 15th century, Namgyal Tsemo monastery in Leh in Ladakh is renowned for its three-storey high solid gold idol of Maitrieya Buddha. Situated on a mountain top behind the Leh palace, the monastery offers panoramic views of the surrounding ountryside, the gently flowing Indus River and the snowcapped peaks of Zanskar range. As a mark of his respect to Buddhism, the king Namgyal Tsemo built the monastery above his palace. Situated at the cliff of Namgyal hill, its architecture is impressive. View of Leh from the gompa is breathtaking as the view changes with light.

The Likir Monastery is one of the oldest and well maintained monasteries in Ladakh district in Jammu and Kashmir. The main attraction of Likir Monastery is the 75 ft high gold gilded statue of Maitreya Buddha. Likir’s structure has a hierarchy wherein the top of the hill has the main temple and the head lama’s residence, followed by other monk’s residence a little downhill and finally the village quarters at the foothill.

Sankar Monastery is at a walk of around 40 minutes from Leh. It has immense religious significance for the followers of Buddhism, as it’s also the seat of Rinpoche, a high-ranking official of a Buddhist sect.

The monastery is dedicated to Goddess Tara and has a 1000 arm idol of hers. It also houses a library. A two-storey structure. Read More…

Visit to a Hill Station-3

The popular Magnetic Hill of Ladakh is a unique hill where vehicles defy the force of gravity and move upwards on the hill when parked at the marked location. The hill lies at a distance of thirty kilometer from the town of Leh on the Leh-Kargil highway near Pathhar Sahib Gurudwara.

Gurdwara Pathar Sahib, is a beautiful Gurudwara sahib constructed in the memory of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, about twenty five miles away from Leh, on the Leh-Kargil road, 12000 ft above sea level. The Gurdwara was built in 1517 to commemorate the visit to the Ladakh region of Guru Nanak Dev ji, the founder Guru of the Sikh faith. You can see a large stone with the back of “Guru Nanak Dev Ji” and the footprint of the demon on its other side.

I was very excited to be on the highest highway of the world. Khardung La, also known as Khardzong La, is a high mountain pass in Ladakh region of Jammu and Kashmir, near Leh. It serves as the gateway to Shyok and Nubra Valley. Khardung La is popular as the highest motorable road in India at an elevation of 5602 metres.

The Shanti Stupa in Leh is a magnificent white-domed Buddhist monument located atop a steep hilltop at a dizzying height of 11,841 feet. It is a religious place for the Buddhists as it holds the relics of Buddha, consecrated by the 14th Dalai Lama. It is also popular amongst tourists as it offers a sweeping view of Leh and the nearby Changspa village.

Ladakh Festival, organised by the Tourism Department with the help of the locals, aims to promote tourism and the rich culture of the region.

This festival organised in September attracts thousands of tourists from across the globe. Various cultural programs are held such as folk dances, traditional music, Ladakhi food, handicraft products, archery competitions and polo matches. Mask dances are one of the highlights of the festival. This festival is a perfect opportunity for the tourists to discover the culture and lifestyle of the Ladakhi people. Read More…

Visit to a Hill Station-2

I was very eager to see and feel this environment from very closely; thus the next morning I moved along with Indus River, which was flowing by the side of the village. The Indus River is the backbone of Ladakh; historically and presently prominent places and Leh, Basgo and Tingmosgang are located close to the river. It is one of the largest rivers in the world in terms of annual flow. The river has historically been important to many cultures of the region.

I had visited Buddhist Monastery on my day first. This Monastery also called Spituk Gompa, is a Buddhist monastery located about 8 kilometers from Leh. One of the most dazzling monasteries in India, it houses one hundred monks and a giant statue of Goddess Kali. It is famous for its collection of Buddhist objects of antique arms, icon, ancient masks and numerous Thangka paintings.

I saw lots of “Panchakkies” first time in my life alongside of Indus River. There was less water in the river at this time; still flow was very high and its width was very vast.

I had seen apple garden there. These apples are different from Kashmiri apples. These were small and green in colour but very sweet to taste, just like the Ladakhi people. Read More…

How important is sense of human life in one’s life?

n this way, how important the feeling of human life is in everyone’s life depends on how his / her attitude is. There are some people who, despite the lack of money, lead an ideal life. The religion of humanity is considered the best religion. Therefore everyone should do human service.  

On the contrary, some people are of violent nature, they are late to see something, they break like an eagle. Some make a dent in their own house. The practice of single family in our society has started due to these people. Such creatures do not dare to do anything themselves, but seize the earnings of another sitting at home. Even they are not ashamed.

Swami Ramdev Ji Maharaj is an example of how important the spirit of human life is in life. He put everything in the service of humanity. Even raising the name of the institution, he gave it to the most respected sage Patanjali Maharaj. Whatever they are today could have been theirs but they did not do so. Still others remain behind them. Today such people should be encouraged so that those who serve humanity do not face any problem. Read More…

Visit to a Hill Station-1

Leh is well known for its winter season. It was cold here at this time. I stayed with my friend, who was residing at Spituk village, of Leh. I was just 7 kilometers from the city and 5 kilometers from the airport yet the only buildings in sight are the monasteries perched on the mountains that surrounds the area.

Spituk is a very small village, spread alongside of Indus River. People of there are very cheerful, helping in nature, honest and very hard working. Wheat was the main crop at that time and with this they started growing vegetables also. They had goats and sheep in the name of animal wealth. Apart from this, they had yaks which were used to plow the fields and carry the goods.

They were so friendly that on the very first day, I got introduced to dozens of people and we became friends. I had my lunch at the house of one of them and the dinner at another’s house. They called the boy “Jula” and the girls as “Julie”. Their salutation was also “Jule Ji”. One of them was always ready to turn me around. The ones I spent the most time with were Anchuk Dorje, Tsrinj Thapa, xiang Dorje. Read More…

Visit to a Hill Station

I had a great desire to go to Leh since childhood. There were many soldiers in our village, three-four of whom were in Leh. Everyone talked about them in my village. This used to increase my curiosity even more. I got this opportunity in September 1993.

Where there are so many high, snow-capped mountains, where there are circuitous paths to go, where it takes so long to reach, but that place will be no less beautiful and delightful than heaven. Because anyway the Himalayan mountains are world famous.

It was the day of 01 September 1993, in the morning, I started preparing to go to Leh. There was no end to my happiness because my childhood wish was going to be fulfilled. My flight was from Chandigarh. For this I caught a bus from my hometown Mahendragarh Haryana at 2100 am because my flight was at 0600 am the next day.

I reached Chandigarh at 0500 hrs in the morning at Airport. I checked in and boarded in the flight. It took off from Chandigarh at 0625 hrs and landed at Leh airport at 0715 hrs. Due to high altitude, it is medically advised to have 48 hrs rest. Read More…

New Generation and Technology

The old days are always remembered when we look at today’s generation. Technology is for our comfort, it does not mean that we should be slaves to technology. There are only a limited number of youth who use it, the rest of them are slaves of technology.

When we walk around, we find each one using mobile-connected headphones and they move around in such a way that they are the only ones in this universe and no one else. They have nothing to do with the traffic passing through the roads. Not only this, they have become so lazy that, they chat from one room to another in the same house, instead of talking face to face.

This increases communication gap, there is no social interaction, Today, we meet on social platforms, not face to face. In our early era, there were social gatherings, a time of family happiness, where all members of society or family sit together and exchange their thoughts, share experiences, mourning and happiness, today it has been replaced by social platform on internet. Read More…

Three Factors Can Change Life

Once upon a time there was a moneylender in a city. He was very soft-spoken and intelligent. He was highly praised throughout the city and he also helped people as much as he could. Once he fell very ill, he started feeling that death is near, so he called his son.

As much as moneylender was intelligent, his son was worthless and dull. The moneylender called him and said, “Son, now you have to handle this business.” I want to tell you some things, you remember these three things of mine. Firstly, go for business in the shade and come back in the shade. Only eat fresh food and always have sweet talks with everyone. The moneylender died as soon as he said this.

The moneylender’s son, obeying his father, got a palanquin to go in the shade and hired laborers to carry it. Arranged for a cook for fresh food who would walk with him all the time and talk sweetly to everyone. Thus the income went to the valley and the expenditure kept increasing. The moneylender’s son started living in worries. A few days later it became difficult to pay the salaries of the servants he had with him.

Business became a burden for him and his father’s advice seemed meaningless. Now he started staying at home. One day a monk came to his door, the moneylender’s son was lost in his thoughts. The monk called him out loud and asked him the reason for his trouble. The moneylender’s son told the monk in detail. The monk started laughing loudly after listening to him.

The monk said, “Son, your father has shown you the right path, you have made the wrong meaning, then why do you curse your father.” Your father told you to go and come back in the shade, he meant you go before sunrise and return after sunset and that’s shade of stars. His second point was, eating fresh food i.e. you must have daily earning for your food, and thirdly sweet talk, then his idea is also correct, because if there is no restraint on speech then how your business will grow.

The moneylender’s son took the steps of the monk, thanked him for his good advice and promised to follow the same things in the future. In this way he took care of his father’s business very well in a short time. Read More…

Fall, But Like Waterfall

The power and beauty of the waterfall always fascinate us. Waterfalls are one of those rare universal things that all humans love. The sound and feel of moving water is just soothing, which are beyond our imagination. When we see this seductive scene, our mind gets mesmerized by it.

It teaches us that no matter how many problems we face in life, we should not panic. If for some reason you fall, it should be like a waterfall, which does not lose its beauty even after falling from such a height. It is not that if there is a loss in business, then take the money of the country and run away abroad. This will make the circumstances even more hostile, even your own identity will be lost. You will have to hide yourself from your friends and relatives, you will be separated from all your close ones and its bite will make you suffer till life.

In such a situation, take help from the country, share information about your financial situation to the country and assure that you will come back to the same situation in the near future. Always keep in mind that your pride in the country and abroad are not just because of your wealth. You have earned it by doing a lot of work, which you should not waste in vain.  Read More…