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Love with Authority

A large part of life passed in this house, but never rested. The world takes pleasure in praising those who put their apocalypse behind the garrisons. The person who sacrifice for the family does not praise the world.

Similarly, people who die for outsiders, why did the housemates start praising them. If two of your servants are of the same category, there will never be any quarrel between them; but you make one of them an officer and the other as his subordinate, then look, how much officer is applauding his subordinates.

The foundation of a happy marriage can be laid on authority. Love may reside in this contrast, I doubt it. What we call love among men and women today is the same love that the master has with his animal.

Let the animal bend his head, the owner will also give him straw and a cake, and will also rub his body, he will also wear jewelry; But the animal slowed down slightly, bent its neck so that the owner’s whip fell on the back. It is not called love. Read More…