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Wondering Stormy Night

It was night when I woke up from sleep. It was still raining, it was also necessary to go out. As soon as I was ready to get out of the house, my feet went into the water and somehow I escaped from falling.

Outside was very dark. Very high trees were surrounded all around and seems to be the Angels. High speed wind was blowing. A corridor passed through the trees, but it was not known where it was. If there was a slight noise, then all the body would sweat. There were shivering in the body due to drops of rain and winds.

While leaving the house, he had forgotten to take rain. There was a strange nervousness in my mind. He was regretting his decision. There was neither a population nor any human being visible, where shelter could be taken. The sounds of wild animals were making the atmosphere even more frightening.

My throat was drying up, there was confusion about where to go. The legs were not getting up. The mind was reduced to zero. There was a strange sound in the clump of trees, the right courage also answered. Read More…

Our Yesterday And Today

When there is a transaction of one commodity or service against another, it is called Barter System.

In this system no social unit (currency) was used. Before the emergence of currency, all transactions were in the form of barter. While we think of that time today, we can feel ashamed. But it was easily done at that time. There was a lot of affection in the society. Everyone took care of others.Loyalty, honesty and social values ​​were at the top.

While today we think for that time, we may feel ashamed. But that time it was done with ease. Lots of affection in the society. Everyone takes care of others.  Today, it may seem our society doesn’t practice many values. We have a rise in discrimination, abuse of power, greed, etc. What are we leaving behind for our future generations?

May be it’s time society takes a hard look at its values. Values can be contagious; if you practice them, many others will also, including our children. Hopefully more practice from all of us will leave the world a better place for future generations. Read More…

The Days We lost Part-II

In my family there were my grandfather, three uncles and aunts, besides my parents, four boys and five girls of elder brother of my father, we were four brothers and one sister, and my two uncles had six boys and four girls. There were twenty-nine members in our family.

With the gradual passage of time, the situation of separatism in the family arose due to the small house which my younger uncle started. The house was just an excuse, the younger one was his mindset, especially my aunt, because my uncle was the only source of external income in the house, everyone else did farming.

Whereas today we have four different brothers. Two are in the village, settled in a different city and I separate. My story is very modern. I have two girls and a boy. My elder girl works elsewhere. Where she lives with her mother. I live with a girl and a boy. Perhaps this is called modernism when not only the family, members of the family also live separately. Read More…

The Days We lost Part- 1

What were those days? At night, they used to sit in the courtyard of the house after putting a cot. They used to tell their own things among themselves. Where the fatigue of the day was lost in a moment was not known. There used to be a good gathering, it seemed that some big program was happening.

Children used to play and run among themselves. It seemed like a performance without any expense. Today, even we are spending a lot does not look that amazing. There was no brotherhood like those days. Today moral values ​​have changed, Relationships have changed. Relatives have become guests. The members of the house became relatives. Formalism is left everywhere.

When the whole village was a family. Now the family is not together. What will the children be with grandparents, they do not like to live with their parents. Many of us do not have work, but still we do not have time for others. Today the world has come so close, yet people are far away. Read More…

Tomorrow Never Comes

Years ago a man named “Hathi” was living my neighboring village. He was very strong in physical. There were no public transport that time nor do the people have money to afford. One day “Hathi” went to see some of his relatives around twenty miles away.

While coming back to home he saw a heavy stone used for mixing & grinding home construction material. He planned to carry it to his village. So he lifted it on his shoulder and brought to his village.

Near to his house there was a Panchyat Ghar. Lot of aged people sit there in the evening for “Hooka.” When he was passing through they called him asked for “Hooka.” Saying that he is coming from a long distance and have some water and rest. Tomorrow will place it at the right place.

Hathi urged them to place the stone at the right place but they stopped him doing so. That stone remained there. In 1985 Government launched a scheme to lay down stone in the streets of the villages. Then this stone came in between. No one could remove it even tractor could not drag it. Finally it was broken into parts and removed. Everyone remembered the man who alone brought it from 20 miles away. Read More…

Love with Authority

A large part of life passed in this house, but never rested. The world takes pleasure in praising those who put their apocalypse behind the garrisons. The person who sacrifice for the family does not praise the world.

Similarly, people who die for outsiders, why did the housemates start praising them. If two of your servants are of the same category, there will never be any quarrel between them; but you make one of them an officer and the other as his subordinate, then look, how much officer is applauding his subordinates.

The foundation of a happy marriage can be laid on authority. Love may reside in this contrast, I doubt it. What we call love among men and women today is the same love that the master has with his animal.

Let the animal bend his head, the owner will also give him straw and a cake, and will also rub his body, he will also wear jewelry; But the animal slowed down slightly, bent its neck so that the owner’s whip fell on the back. It is not called love. Read More…