Shard Navratra 20 – Day- 7. Kalratri

Kalratri form of Durga Maa is worshiped on the seventh day of Navratri. Mother Durga’s seventh form is that of Mother Kalratri Devi. The seventh day of worship of Goddess Durga is also very important during the Navratri days. They are also called auspicious because of always giving auspicious results. It is said that by worshiping Maa Kalratri, Kaal is destroyed.

Navratri seventh day observes the worship of Goddess Kalaratri as well as Goddess Saraswati. This day people also arrange the Utsava Puja and the worship of nine planet. Maa Kalaratri is considered to be the most ferocious avatar of NavDurga and is known for destroying ignorance and removing darkness from the universe. This form of mother is considered a symbol of valor and courage. It is believed that with the grace of Maa Kalratri, the devotee is always fear-free. He has no fear of fire, water, enemies etc.

This incarnation is depicted as a destructive form of the goddess. She can be seen riding a dark black ass. She is dark black in color and has four hands. The position of his hands is in Abhay and Varada mudra and she holds the sword and iron hook in his left hands. It is said that she licked the blood of the demon Blood Seed, who had the ability to create more demons from his own blood. Due to the powers she possesses, she is also called Goddess Shubhankari.

According to the legend, the demons Shumbha-Nishumbha and Raktabija together attacked Devaloka, worried that all the gods went to Shiva. Shiva asks Goddess Parvati to slay the demons and protect her devotees, thus, Parvati assumed the form of Durga Devi and killed Shumbha-Nishumbha. But as soon as Durga killed Raktabeej, the blood coming out of her body produced millions of Raktabhis. Seeing this, Durga ji called Kalratri. Subsequently, when Durga killed Raktabeej, Kalratri drank all his blood and that wicked came to an end. Read More…

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