Shard Navratra – Day- 4 Kushmanda

The fourth form of Maa Durga is named Kushmanda. Due to its light, light cube, which produces the universe, it has been named as Kushmanda Devi. When there was no existence of the universe, there was darkness all around, then these Goddesses created the universe with their humor. Only the ability and power to reside in Suryaloka is in him; his body’s radiance and brilliance are as resplendent and phosphor as that of the Sun.

She has eight arms. Hence, she is also known as Ashtabhuja Devi. His seven hands have Kamandalu, Dhanush, Arms, Lotus-flower, Amritpurna Kalash, Chakra and Mace respectively. In the eighth hands, there is a garland of chanting of all the siddhis and funds. The lion is his conveyance. On the fourth day of Navratri-worship, the form of Goddess Kushmanda is worshiped.

On this day, the mind of the seeker is situated in the ‘Anahata’ cycle. Therefore, on this day, one should be engaged in the work of worship, keeping in mind the nature of Goddess Kushmanda, a very holy and unshackled mind. All the diseases and mourning of the devotees are destroyed by worshiping Maa Kushmanda. Their devotion leads to increase in age, fame, strength and health. Maa Kushmanda is going to be delighted with even minimal service and devotion. If a human becomes his refuge with a genuine heart, then he can attain the ultimate position with great ease.

We need that according to the method described in the scriptures and Puranas, should to be continue on the path of worship of Goddess Durga. After moving a few steps on the path of devotion to the mother, the devotee seeker gets a subtle experience of his grace, this form makes the world very pleasant and easy for him. Worshiping the mother is the most accessible and credible way for a man to easily cross journey of this world. The worship of Maa Kushmanda is always going to get rid from various diseases and lead towards happiness, prosperity and progress. Therefore, those who want their cosmic-ecological advancement should always be ready in their worship. Read More…

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