Visit to My Native Place-1

The weather was really lovely when we woke up. It was four in the morning. Although, we had prepared it in advance, but some important stuff had to be taken for the day. It is a place where I was born, but for six years I had not been there even once. This lovely day was a great opportunity to go for a visit. It was 05.30 o’clock in the morning when I along with my family started our journey for my native place “Mahendragarh”, Haryana. We took national highway 48, after 25 kilometer we left it and diverted on Gujarat State Highway 154 towards “Modasa”.

The traffic on the road was very low as it was morning. When we reached Kapadganj, the sun had risen. The car was running at its full speed as if it was too early to reach home. There was a feeling of mild cold in the atmosphere, which was creating more thrill in the journey. Three hours had passed since we left our house and we had reached “Modasa,” Gujarat, parked the car and we made our first tea on our way.

After tea we had to speed up our journey as our destination was far away. After this we entered the border of Rajasthan via “Shyamalji” Gujarat. As soon as we enter Rajasthan, we start seeing mountain ranges. The winding path from the middle of the mountains, sometimes climbing up and down again, was a wonderful sight. The road up to Udaipur was similar where our second stop was going to be. Thus, while looking at the bird’s eye view of nature, we reached “Udaipur”, Rajasthan at 11.30 hrs.

Since this was my first road trip, we had to find the road ahead along with tea, as there were three routes to reach my destination. From here we decided to reach Jaipur after tea and go to Ajmer via Ajmer and we headed towards our destination. Read More…

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ashok725 "Aks"

Hi ! I am Ashok Sharma. I studied at Maharishi Dayanand University, Rohtak, Haryana, India. Reading and writing have been my hobbies since childhood. Do not try to plan everything in the very last detail. Just create it, publish it and get feed back from you. But if you really want to grow then you will need points of leverage and most of them come from knowing people. Change is going to be continuous. It is a beginning, not an end. It will be my constant endeavor to thank the readers for their love, guidance and interest that I can do better than ever……..

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