Ultimate Peace

It was a very pleasant morning. Snow was shining in the sun on the mountain peaks. It was my heartiest desire to travel to the snow covered mountains once in life, which now succeeded in the last phase of life. I set out on the final journey of my dreams through the icy paths. How far I reached here, I was unaware. There was snow all around.

There was a feeling that the legs were moving on their own but the body was shivering, there was no resting place, and I piled on the same ice. My body was relaxed, eyes closed. But it seemed that I had been going through long shores and dark scenes, I had been there hundreds of times. My memory was relaxed. I was also craving to take a nap.

I can tell that I had come to the end, it was not common here, and however, I felt peace, ultimate peace. A huge light beam appeared towards me and its bright light blinded my vision this time as the end. The wind felt great on my face and I was blowing like a toy in the air. Read More…

Published by

ashok725 "Aks"

Hi ! I am Ashok Sharma. I studied at Maharishi Dayanand University, Rohtak, Haryana, India. Reading and writing have been my hobbies since childhood. Do not try to plan everything in the very last detail. Just create it, publish it and get feed back from you. But if you really want to grow then you will need points of leverage and most of them come from knowing people. Change is going to be continuous. It is a beginning, not an end. It will be my constant endeavor to thank the readers for their love, guidance and interest that I can do better than ever……..

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