Changing Values of Relationships

Money is not the only thing in the world, relationships are priceless. Whatever the relationship is, if we do not live in it realistically, then these relationships also seem meaningless. Over time, the brothers also left together and they had full property rights. It was not his fault, it was my fault, that love of mine, my attachment to him, my trust that I used to do more than myself.

I know that I was not the only one who felt that way, but there were many more. The thing you wish for, the thing you dreamed about was very close to you, but you cannot call them your own. Whatever the reason, this incident shook me, but this emptiness was not always there.

For a year I was in a lot of grief, but once again I got up and tried with all my strength that I could achieve it this time. And my hard work came with positive feedback in achieving my goal. I had my house built. Although I had to work hard for five years and determination for this task. Read More…

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ashok725 "Aks"

Hi ! I am Ashok Sharma. I studied at Maharishi Dayanand University, Rohtak, Haryana, India. Reading and writing have been my hobbies since childhood. Do not try to plan everything in the very last detail. Just create it, publish it and get feed back from you. But if you really want to grow then you will need points of leverage and most of them come from knowing people. Change is going to be continuous. It is a beginning, not an end. It will be my constant endeavor to thank the readers for their love, guidance and interest that I can do better than ever……..

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