Our Attitude Towards Criticism

Just as criticism is a very important and elaborate subject and there are many critics available around us at the same time. Everything is valued in this world, but it is free to criticize.

Let it be it domestic, international, social, religious or political issues, every human is involved without thinking that the issue will benefit or harm. Criticism without thinking becomes worse when it takes a form of movement. 

Criticism done on right way is very helpful to us to make our attitude to think again on the subject for the better result. It can help learn higher-order thinking skills and gain deep content knowledge. Read More…

Published by

ashok725 "Aks"

Hi ! I am Ashok Sharma. I studied at Maharishi Dayanand University, Rohtak, Haryana, India. Reading and writing have been my hobbies since childhood. Do not try to plan everything in the very last detail. Just create it, publish it and get feed back from you. But if you really want to grow then you will need points of leverage and most of them come from knowing people. Change is going to be continuous. It is a beginning, not an end. It will be my constant endeavor to thank the readers for their love, guidance and interest that I can do better than ever……..

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